Adobe Flash Will support iPhone 5

Author: Eric | Publish Time: 2012-04-21 | Category: Internet

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Adobe Flash support the iPhone 5 may be true. iPhone 5 flash player may sound like a joke even in your dreams, but Adobe does not think like that. The company has announced a new version of Adobe Flash Media Server, which is basically used for streaming Flash content to a various platform, including mobile.

"With Flash Media Server 4.5, media publishers can extend their already broad mobile reach via Flash-enabled devices, with the new ability to deliver video content to Apple's iPad 3, iPhone 5 and other IOS devices, enabling them to reach the widest audience possible," Adobe said in a statement.

Adobe Flash Will support iPhone 5

If the new releases Adobe Flash support the iPhone 5 for publishers, who want videos stored in Flash to be visible on popular Apple products such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. For a recurring fee of $4,500, Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 software converts website video stored in Flash so it can be seen on Apple handhelds, in an Apple-friendly format called HTTP Live Streaming, according to the Daily Mail.

On the other hand, according to Apple, Adobe Flash is a big security risk, not to mention it crashes lots and kills your battery life. Rather than using Flash, Apple has adopted HTML5, CSS and JavaScript - all open standards. Apple's mobile devices all ship with high performance, low power implementations of these open standards.

"Flash was created during the PC era - for PCs and mice. Adobe Flash is a successful business for Adobe, and we can understand why they want to push it beyond PCs. But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards - all areas where Flash falls short," Steve Jobs said in a statement earlier.

However, Steve Jobs is already not in the lead, and Adobe may find it more comfortable to negotiate with the new Apple CEO, ultimately bringing in an improved Adobe Flash for iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPod touch 5th generation.

In other words, Adobe resolve the problems include real-time, changing the protocol to support iPhone 5 and other IOS device, HTTP Dynamic Streaming or HLS, for example. This should mean that iOS devices will get much of the advantages of Flash video support, without the processor degradation and battery life cost of the format in use on other devices. Though we still have to wait a while longer until the "full Flash experience" of embedded ads and so on makes it to the new streamed system.

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