iPhone 5 Rumors - iPhone 5will release in September

Author: emily | Publish Time: 2011-07-04 | Category: Internet

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Focus on the release date of iphone 5
Recently there were ongoing rumors that Apple is set to unveil the next generation iPhone which is apparently called the iPhone 5.

Apple's next-generation iPhone - iPhone 5 will debut its next mobile operating system, iOS 5, boast the iPad 2's powerful A5 processor, come with an 8-megapixel camera, and iPhone 5 will release in September, alleged sources told Bloomberg on Wednesday.

At the same time Bloomberg said Apple is testing a third-generation iPad with higher resolution than the iPad 2, something closer to the pixel density on the iPhone 4's 3.5-inch, 960x640 screen. It didn't mention timing, but earlier this month research firm CLSA told the Wall Street Journal that the "iPad 3" might launch just before Christmas.

Apple is also developing a smaller, cheaper version of the iPhone 4 for emerging markets, Bloomberg reported.

iPhone 5 will release in September

Bloomberg's Wednesday report echoes a few enduring rumors about Apple's unannounced mobile devices. In January AppleInsider first reported sources saying the "iPhone 5" will host an A5 processor. Back in February Apple COO Tim Cook had publicly hinted at a cheaper iPhone for emerging markets.

Meanwhile as reported last week, iOS 5 will supposedly support full 1080p video, which would work well with the alleged 8-megapixel feature Sony CEO Howard Stringer hinted at back in April.

On Tuesday, Boy Genius Report's Jonathan Geller gave us our Apple rumor of the day. He said he'd "confirmed" with alleged sources that the the next-generation iPhone - iPhone 5 will be a complete version upgrade rather than a minor update. Geller also reported that the the next-generation iPhone - iPhone 5 will have a "radical" new shape, perhaps something like the teardrop-shaped profile pitched by This Is My Next last April. With less certainty, Geller's sources guessed that Apple would make the announcement in August or at its annual iTunes conference in September and iPhone 5 will release in September.

Meanwhile last Thursday, AppleInsider reported that Apple was withholding the the next-generation iPhone - iPhone 5 and iPod Touch until it finalized a bundled version of iOS 5 and iCloud.

When the next-generation iPhone - iPhone 5 release in September, last week Apple began selling an unlocked, unsubsidized iPhone 4, immediately fueling speculation that Apple was purposely creating a high-cost barrier on the year-old iPhone 4 so people would wait and eventually purchase a subsidized the next-generation iPhone - iPhone 5 this fall.

How much can you trust a Bloomberg-originated iPhone 5 rumors? For what it's worth, in June 2010 it was spot-on when it re-iterated earlier rumors about the Verizon iPhone launching in January 2011.

For a roundup of the biggest iPhone 5 rumors from the first half of the year, check out 8 Likely iPhone 5 Rumors, and 2 Wild Ones.

iPhone 5 will release in September
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