A Relaxing Way to Recover Facebook Password on Computer

Author: emily | Publish Time: 2011-04-16 | Category: Utility

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Why we want to find out and recover Facebook Password on computer?

Facebook is one part of our life in nowadays. Just like we need a phone to communicate with people. A lot of user like to show their life on Facebook and have a communication with other with Facebook. Once you have lost the Facebook password. You just feel that you lose something in your life. So, Just recover Facebook password on computer on computer.

recover Facebook password on computer

Is it possible to recover Facebook password on computer without an alternate email? Is it recover Facebook password on computer on computer without verifing a Email? FaceBook Password Recovery Password kit is powerfull computer password recovery tool that can be utilized to recover Facebook password on computer that lost or forgetten. But please do not used it to hackr Facebook login password. This software just for you to find out your own Facebook on your computer if you have forgotten your Facebook password.

Why choose FaceBook Password Recovery to recover Facebook password?

With our professional password recovery tool, FaceBook Password Recovery password recovery kit. You can find any of your password on computer easily. For example, if you can't remember what the Facebook password it, You can recover Facebook password on computer.

Not only to find all passwords on PC, but also to boot up Windows, clone disks, recover and wipe data, protect computer privacy, etc., FaceBook Password Recovery all has the solution for each task at hand!

The tool solves all Facebook password sign in problems:

  • Recovers all Internet explorer saved logins and passwords.
  • Retrieves e-mail account passwords/logins instantly.
  • Supports all versions of MS Internet Explorer.
  • Supports recovery of for multilingual (bilingual) passwords.
  • Allows to save password to the user specified location.
  • Has user friendly interface and easy to use.

recover Facebook password on computer

recover Facebook password on computer


FaceBook Password Recovery

Language: English Size: 0KB

FaceBook Password Recovery is a easy to use CD and all-in-one computer solution that not only find any password such as Yahoo! Email password, Google Email password , but also boot up any computer, repair computer, reinstall system, clean your system. You can use it to perform a 360° PC health check, optimize and speed up your system; clean up history and protect your privacy; recover data and passwords; partition and format the hard drive; clone and backup your system; and more.

RAR Password Recovery

Step 1: Insert the FaceBook Password Recovery to computer CD-ROM

First, you will need to Buy FaceBook Password Recovery. We will mail the powerful CD to you once you have finished the purchase process.

To find the lost password of your forgotten Facebook password. Just insert FaceBook Password Recovery CD into your CD drive, and click start button to restart your computer. Double click Spotmau icon and enter POWER SUITE's interface, follow these steps: PowerSuite Wincare –>Password Kit –> Password Finder, then you can have the interface looked just like the following picture.

Note: You don't need to go into your system setup (BIOS) to set CD-ROM drive as the first boot device. Select the "IE Auto completed password" and then click "Next"

recover Facebook password on computer

recover Facebook password on computer

With FaceBook Password Recovery Password kit, You can find out password from IE auto complete pasword. Such as MySpace account, Twitter account, Facebook account, Newsgroup, subscription accounts, search enging accounts, other shopping accounts and more. There is no need to worry if you have lost Facebook password on computer.

Step 2: Extract Facebook password

Then you will see the following screenshot, You can click the "Extract password data". FaceBook Password Recovery will search your computer andrecover Facebook password on computeror forgotten password your computer. FaceBook Password Recovery can run on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. For both 64bit or 32 bit version.

recover Facebook password on computer

Step 3: Save the recovered Facebook password

You can export them as .txt file by clicking "Extract Password Data". A "Save Password Data to" dialog will pop up, and you can specify the destination for the file or rename it.you'll see the following picture, This mean that you have recovered Facebook password on computer.

recover Facebook password on computer

Tips: only the account(s) and password(s) that you choose to let the computer store is accessable.

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